How To Change Your Mindset About Happiness


Listen here, if you don’t have a good relationship with happiness – there won’t be much of it in your life. It’s not something you can usually just think up and become. Chances are you’ve been traumatized, or have lost hope to find happiness which is why you’re here.

Or I may be disgustingly wrong. Regardless, I want to show you some different ways to approach your relationship with happiness.

Hopefully you’ll keep some of this in the back of your mind and be a little happier.

You see, when I ever think about happiness, I’m not thinking about the birds flying around me all the time. Flowers blooming at my feet with wonderful colors all around me. No, I’m thinking about a single moment of bliss. A single appreciation for time in the exact moment. The more moments you have, the better your appreciation with life will be.

I don’t believe you can be happy every moment of your life. We all go through garbage and horrible times. Some worse than others, but that’s just the cards we’ve been dealt.

Now, how we deal with the cards will determine how satisfied or angry we will be.

For example, a death to a close family member happens. What do you do?

One one hand, you can curse the heavens. Be truly angry with everything and everyone around you, sulking in sorrows for years and barely get by while life passes by. It happens, I’ve personally seen it.

But, on the other hand, you can use it as fuel to live your life even more fulfilled because you know that member would ONLY want you to be an amazing human being. And as a reminder that we’ve only got one chance on this huge mud infested rock we call earth.

The same event can hit you like a ton of bricks, but the aftermath is totally up to you. You might have gone through a much horrible event, but still there are plenty of mindsets to choose from. All between love and hate,

So how can you change your relationship with happiness? First off…

Give Happiness A Darn Chance!

Choose to find the good in every single thing that happens. From the weather being cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms, to your dog dying. Every single event which happens to you in a day, every decision you have to make – be an open minded individual and choose the higher ground. Try for just a single day and see how it feels.

Don’t Tolerate Negativity From Others

When you’re hanging out with friends the complaining seems to never go away. From how that girl looked at me, to why did he say “thank you” in that tone…

…no matter what, we complain about everything under the sun. And I want you to stop complaining for a single day. Better yet, also, when your friend starts complaining – just cut them off with a different topic. Or just don’t respond (we usually only keep talking if there’s feedback and affirmations).

Write Down What You’re Grateful For

For a couple days, I want you to take out a notebook or some piece of paper and write down ONE thing you’re grateful for. But here’s the kicker…

…you have to go deep. Here’s what I mean.

I don’t want you to simply write “I’m grateful for my hands.” I want you to say why, what you can do with them, then ask yourself why again. For example: I’m grateful for having hands to type these messages. Having hands give me the ability to express my feelings and thoughts using technology. I also feel everything around me, the texture – how rough or soft a surface is. I can tell how hot or cold water is before jumping in. I can also defend myself and my family using these bad boys, but best of all for having the ability to experience love with my wife and playing with my children.”

When you go deep, there seems to be more feeling within you. You will get a little sentimental and truly experience why you’re grateful for certain things. It takes a strong person to ignore the norms of “being cool” and self reflect in ways that help yourself.

It might sound a little flowerish, but these couple of tactics can start your journey to finding appreciation in certain moments. You’ll start to feel better with happiness and your journey to finding it.

Hope you enjoy your day.

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