50 Mind Bending Questions That Will Help Shape Your Reality

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If we’re serious about changing our reality then we must get serious about asking the right questions. Better questions create a better mindset, decisions, actions, reactions and overall, better results. Asking ourselves intelligent, relevant and courageous questions puts us in a more creative, positive and solution-focused headspace.

Of course, some people will always ask the why-is-my-life-so-hard questions in the hope of gaining sympathy, attention and pity, but predictably, that rarely ends well. We’ve all asked better and worse questions over the journey but today I thought I’d share with you (what I believe to be) some of the more empowering and transformational questions.

Let’s Start Living A Little Better – It Starts With You Asking Better Questions –

1. What do I want my life to look like one year from now?

2. What do I need to do (now) to make that a reality?

3. What is success for me?

4. What is the price of that success?

5. Am I prepared to pay that price?

6. Where does happiness live for me?

7. How and why do I self-sabotage?

8. What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?

9. What would I say if I knew I couldn’t be rejected?

10. What do I need to do (not want to do) in this situation?

11. Based on how I want my body to look, feel and function, what’s the best exercise program for me?

12. Based on how I want my body to look, feel and function, what’s the best way for me to eat?

13. Why do I eat food my body doesn’t need?

14. What is my body telling me?

15. Why do I lie about certain behaviours?

16. Why don’t I finish things?

17. Why do I hate being alone?

18. Am I enough by myself?

19. What can I do different(ly) today?

20. Do I manage my life or does my life manage me?

21. Do I really want to change or do I just like the ‘idea’ of it?

22. How uncomfortable am I prepared to get?

23. In terms of my history, what do I need to let go of?

24. How can I invest into the lives of others?

25. How can I be kind and generous without being a doormat?

26. What are my core values?

27. Is my life (behaviours, choices, conversations, relationships, results) a reflection of those core values?

28. What am I really waiting for?

29. How am I contributing to the problem?

30. Am I investing my emotional energy wisely?

31. What can I control, what can’t I control?

32. How am I perceived by others?

33. What message am I sending?

34. What is her reality?

35. How should I talk to this person in this situation, about this issue to create connection and a win-win result?

36. What can I learn in this moment?

37. What is my inner voice (intelligence) saying?

38. What’s the opportunity in this situation?

39. Could I be wrong?

40. Do I hold onto certain beliefs because of guilt, fear and some sense of obligation?

41. Where did those beliefs come from?

42. Are they really my beliefs or have I simply adopted them from somebody else?

43. Do my beliefs limit me or empower me?

44. What do I need to unlearn?

45. Is there a better reality than the one I’ve created for myself?

46. Am I making things harder than they need to be?

47. Am I exploiting or wasting my potential?

48. What is my life purpose?

49. What would I fight for?

50. When I look past everything I’m not (my job, bank balance, house, body, assets, reputation, ego) who do I see?

51. Why do weathermen get everything wrong and still get paid?


So, which question(s) pushed a button for you?

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